The Negative Impact of an unplanned disruption has on an Airline.

Like all businesses, airlines strive to organise and create the correct operational environment to maximise commercial success. Disruptions and in particular unplanned disruptions, without exception, impact negatively on this goal. Once a disruption occurs, be [...]

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EU 261/2004 regulation explained

When planning any type of trip family holiday the most unfortunate start to this trip is a delayed flight which can cause the loss of the first day. It also causes knock-on effects concerning transit [...]

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New Disruption Regulations for Canadian Passengers

New Disruption Regulations for Canadian Passengers  Canada‚Äôs regulations which cover flights to and from or within Canada were entered in a two-stage deployment.  The first of these regulations where the official Air Passenger Protection Regulations and came [...]

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Flightbuddy at the New Airport Show Istanbul, from Taksim Square to the Bosphorus Strait, we had an amazing event and met with some of the world best Airlines. New Airport Show Istanbul We started the [...]

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Blizzards to Pajamas, Volcanic Eruptions to Disruptive passengers, Why Flights take Delays.

Adverse Weather Conditions Adverse weather brings delays cancellations effects Thousands of passengers regularly causes delays diversions and cancellations to flights around the world, no matter what the reasons a delayed flight it can hurt an [...]

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Join Us at the Future Travel Experience – 19 & 20 June 2019 in the Congress Center ICC, Istanbul

The Flightbuddy team are Delighted to be attending the Future Travel Experience this 19 & 20 June 2019 in the Congress Center ICC, Istanbul.Flightbuddy co-ordinates all critical information, with Live Control of Communications Flows, enabling [...]

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